How to Pick a Lover

So why become a mistress?

Mistress Musing

Last blog I gave you a very quick overview of what happened to my marriage and why I’m now a mistress. Let me explain further.

I didn’t set out to do this on purpose.  Far from it!  I have seen quite a few of my friend’s marriage’s break up because of affairs and being the woman, usually sided with the “wronged wife”  –  really angry at the husband who I thought, could think of nothing of but his dick.

But when things strating going wrong for me and my marriage, my perspective changed.   

I try not to judge people, I try very hard to be open minded and relaxed about a lot of things so my subsequent actions following my husband’s confession as to being gay and preferring men, came as a great surprise to me.  I never thought I was capable of liaising with a male prostitute, let alone begin an…

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