How to Pick a Lover

Bringing Love Back

It requires more charms and address in women to revive one fainting flame than to kindle new ones.
—Jonathan Swift

Remember Me, My Love

Remember Me, My Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wives who find that the love they sought in marriage is no longer there usually try a number of things to recapture their husband’s affection. Women’s magazines are full of discussions on this problem and of suggestions, remedies, and techniques for solving it. They recommend everything from better meals to black negligees to second honeymoons. If the marriage involves a cycle between the two—in which sometimes he seems indifferent, and she must entice him, and sometimes, she seems indifferent, and he must entice her—then some such strategies may be effective. If the effort is always all one way or even seems to her to be always one way, she is not only discouraged but humiliated.

Always having to tug at someone’s sleeve is bad for anyone’s pride or self-esteem. So such a wife is doubly gratified to find that there are other men who are indeed interested and who continue to pay court to her in the ways she learned to expect and appreciate before she married. The husband in these circumstances may still be a good sex partner, but he has stopped trying to court her.

Women are like fires: they tend to go out if left unattended.


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